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Construction Company in Los Angeles

We’re a residential and commercial contractor based in Los Angeles, CA, passionate about turning dreams into reality. With over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, we onboard clients with the confidence to deliver.

Our highly trained and experienced contractors are always ready to take on any project within the company’s scope. Owing to impressive results, local entrepreneurs, investors, and residents turn to us anytime they need help with their projects.

So, whatever your vision may be, we’ve got the experience, equipment, and capacity to actualize it.

construction company los angeles



Commercial Construction

Commercial construction projects in Los Angeles serve hundreds of users every day. To that end, they must be above board in terms of quality, safety, compliance, modern features, and energy efficiency.

As an experienced commercial contractor, RD Fast Construction will ensure your commercial projects tick all the boxes.

Here are the critical areas in commercial construction:

  • Pre-construction: We lay the project’s foundation in the pre-construction phase to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. Key tasks in this stage include conceptual design, site analysis, project schedule creation, and feasibility studies.
  • General Construction: We work on various projects, including roofing, electrical, retrofit, drywall, tile installation, AC and heating, and more.
  • Construction Safety Management: As a responsible company, we put in measures to ensure the project has safety measures for workers, the public, and the environment.
  • Post-Construction: It’s also our responsibility to undertake post-construction activities like final cleaning, inspection, or close-out documentation that makes the property ready for handover.
commercial construction los angeles
Residential construction los angeles

Residential Construction

RD Fast Construction has a division dedicated to residential construction projects. We help Los Angeles residents to build dream homes, remodel, or upgrade existing properties using trendy designs and technologies.

Some of our residential construction services include:

  • New Construction: Our team puts the best foot forward to design and build new or custom homes. We believe in creating homes that are a source of joy and pride for families.
  • Kitchen Remodeling: As the heart and soul of any home, a remodel can infuse life into your kitchen. We can transform it into a functional, easy-to-use, and beautiful space for meal preparation.
  • Bathroom Remodeling: Enhance your bathroom’s visual appeal and functionality with the help of RD Fast Construction, Los Angeles. Our experts use top-rated products from trusted manufacturers to deliver the best value for your bathroom improvement project.
  • Room Additions: As your family grows, you may need to construct additional rooms or repurpose existing ones. Whether you want a new kitchen or a home office, our team of experts can make it happen.
  • Flooring Installation: Transform your home with our floor construction service. We can help you install or upgrade to a carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floor that fits your style and budget.

Some of Our
Completed Projects

Jones Residency Pacific Palisades

March 11, 2024

Modular House West Hollywood

March 10, 2024

San Martin Christian School

March 6, 2024


Quality work recomend them 100%

Lisset Cortez

Such an amazing customer service

Gladis Alparenga

I called for a Kitchen remodel they gave me a great price and they do the Work fast

Brenda Lopez

Very good company

Nelson RiveraCTO at Envato
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