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New Construction in Los Angeles

Owning a home is a significant milestone, and it’s a big part of the traditional American dream.

For some, the ultimate dream is building a home from scratch. You’ll get to choose your desired location, design, fixtures, building technology, and amenities as you turn your dream into reality.

At RD Fast Construction, we work closely with our clients to build custom homes that exceed their expectations. We have a team of committed and experienced experts who oversee the entire process from design to completion.

We help clients with budget considerations, plans, designs, and styles. More importantly, we assess the lot location to ensure the proposed structure or style doesn’t violate state or community restrictions.

So, whether you want to build a bungalow, cape cod, contemporary, or cottage-styled home, we have the skills, capacity, and expertise to bring your vision into reality.

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Los Angeles New Construction Process at RD Fast Construction

The Idea Session

It’s the vision and exciting ideas that drive a project. We, therefore, start all new home construction projects with a listening and idea session. During the meeting, our team of experts is keen to identify space, design, and personal preferences to create a perfect plan for your home.

The critical aspects discussed during the session include:

  • Design
  • Budget and timelines
  • Site
  • Contractual arrangement

The idea session is an essential step that sets the foundation for a successful new construction project. Following the idea session, we’ll better understand your goals and set realistic estimates for the project.

Conceptualize the Design

After understanding the general idea, the design team transforms it into an interim floor plan. We also align the estimated budget to fit the proposed plan. Then, we’ll prepare the contract and set a timetable in readiness to get started.

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Once everything is set, we’ll immediately send a team to the site. More importantly, the construction team will come equipped to transform your plans into reality. We adhere to the building plan using the following steps:

Step 1: Foundation Work

A strong foundation sets forth a building that stands the test of time. Common materials used to build foundations include stone, treated wood, or block. Even so, the concrete slab foundation is the most preferred method.

Our team also takes time to prepare the ground before erecting a foundation. For instance, we consistently inspect the soil to check for potential weaknesses. If the soil is likely to settle, we involve an engineer to design a firm foundation.

Step 2: Framing

Framing is the next item on the list after establishing a firm foundation. It’s an exciting part of the project because the building has started to take shape. It involves installing interior and exterior walls and adding a roof base, door frames, beams, and columns.

Framing can take up to 1-2 months; however, the time may vary based on the house’s size, materials availability, and working crew.

Step 3: Laying Home’s Infrastructure

It’s time to install crucial infrastructure like plumbing, electrical, heating, and ventilation. We put in a lot of work during this stage to save our clients additional expenses to fix them in future.

For instance, we must put down all the essential areas that need water. We also provide for future needs like an outdoor pool, tub, or garden.

Step 4: Insulation and Drywall

After laying crucial infrastructure, the next step involves insulating the ceiling and walls with drywall. The role of drywall is to act as a fire barrier and regulate temperature and noise. In addition, it doesn’t require sanding, helping you save as you build your dream home.

Step 5: Finishing

The home is almost ready, save for a few final touches and installations. The contractor works on floor installation, fixing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fixing countertops, painting, and building the driveway.

Inspection and Handover

The construction manager conducts several inspections during the project. However, the final inspection occurs as the project nears completion. This last inspection ensures all significant components and systems are done according to standards and design plans.

The construction manager also notes down anything that needs fixing before the project is declared complete. Lastly, we hand over the keys to the new owner after confirming everything is in place.

A point to note: At RD Fast Construction, we keep our clients updated through regular and open communication. The updates help us to address arising issues and make necessary adjustments promptly.

Why Select RD Fast Construction as Your Los Angeles New Construction Partner

Over the past years, RD Fast Construction has perfected constructing new homes. We’re therefore confident in delivering a 5-star service to our clients.

Here are three reasons we’re confident making this pledge:

A Seamless Process

At RD Fast Construction, we understand that you want a home that reflects your style and taste. To that end, we designed a seamless process that allows us to undertake the project based on your vision.

The seamless process has improved our quality controls, making it possible to anticipate the result.

A Strong Team

Whenever RD Fast Construction dispatches a team to a site, you can be sure it’ll deliver. We engage our experts based on trust. So, whether it’s an electrical engineer, architect, painter, or interior designer, we always count on them.

Moreover, we hire licensed and qualified experts to guarantee a high-quality standard and exceptional experience.

Attention to Detail

Our clients hold us to the highest degree of standard. Therefore, we meticulously adhere to every aspect of the building process. We also pay close attention to requirements like time, design, budget, and materials’ accuracy.

From our experience, attention to detail ensures we complete new constructions on time, within budget, and meet the expectations of the owner, architect, contractors, and builders.

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Start Your New Construction Project Today

Building a new home takes pin-point planning, design, and anticipating potential hurdles beforehand. At RD Fast Construction, we appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that our clients make to build homes.

That said, we put our best foot forward to deliver the project according to design, budget, and within timelines.

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