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Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

At RD Fast Construction, we’re passionate about creating beautiful and functional homes. We believe that a home should reflect your personality and imagination. When it comes to flooring installations, they should fall in place with your overall vision.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts has developed laser-sharp skills to deliver top-quality residential floor solutions that are stylish and durable. Moreover, we use high-quality materials to install a floor that stands the test of time.

Whether you’d like a contemporary style or traditional tile finish, we’re confident to deliver a floor that meets your needs and preferences. Trust us to install, refinish, or fix a beautiful and durable floor that exceeds your expectations.

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Benefits of Working with a Professional Flooring Construction Company

Peace of Mind

Irrespective of the project size, you cannot rest when you’re in charge. You have to source supplies, supervise laborers, seek permits, manage finances, and work on every small detail of the project.

Even so, you can choose peace of mind by delegating the project to a construction company. As a result, you’ll free yourself for other things and at the same time have someone responsible in case something goes wrong.

Quality Installation

A professional floor construction company can only thrive by delivering a quality floor solution. They have enough knowledge and experience to ensure they install the floor precisely. For instance, before installation, an expert must prepare the floor surface, use suitable adhesive, and tools, to enhance the floor’s durability.

What’s more, an expert checks the moisture levels before installation to prevent the floor from warping upon installation.

Provides Expert Advice

Perhaps you’re going through your options on materials to use in your new home or during renovations. However, after extensive research, you’re unable to make a decision. An expert can help you determine the best option if that’s your case.

A floor construction company has vast knowledge and experience to guide you on the most suitable alternative. For instance, if you’re unsure whether you can cope with the demands of maintaining hardwood floors, an expert can advise you on other options like laminate floors.

An Expert Ensures Durability

It doesn’t matter how good your floor looks if you need to replace it three years later. Proper subfloor preparation is critical to ensuring a floor stands the test of time. Before installation, an expert applies tools and knowledge to ensure the floor is clean, level, and moisture free.
vDelivering on Time

The success of any project is also measured by the ability to stick to timelines. If you’re renovating your floor, a delay is a source of stress and inconvenience. A professional installer anticipates hurdles and works to deliver the project ahead of time.

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Los Angeles Floor Installation Services at RD Fast Construction

Hardwood Floor Installation

Many homeowners love hardwood floors because they have a beautiful and natural texture. What’s more, they’re strong, durable, and look stunning in all decor themes. At RD Fast Construction, we love installing hardwood floors for our clients.

We use our expertise to choose the suitable timber and deliver an excellent project that’s appealing to the eye. Our team understands that poor installation can wash down your investment. To that end, we undertake proper preparation to maximize durability.

Laminate Floor Installation

If you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, a laminate floor may be the right choice. In recent times, the laminate floor has become a popular choice among American homes.

Some of its top qualities include:

  • Withstands high foot traffic.
  • Ease of installation.
  • They’re affordable.
  • Minimal wastage.
  • Resistant to stains and waste.

You can count on the professionals at RD Fast Construction for your laminate floor installation needs in Los Angeles. We offer competitive pricing and use top-rated products to create an exceptional floor finish.

Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl floor solution stunning finish and low cost makes it an excellent alternative for homeowners. It’s also available in different colors and styles, making it perfect for installation in various locations within the home.

Whether you’d like vinyl planks, sheets, or tile, we’ve got vast knowledge and experience. Our team consists of qualified and licensed contractors to ensure our clients receive the best installation service.

Marble Floor Installation

Marble is an excellent choice if you want to transform your kitchen, bathroom, and countertops. It has a natural elegance that gives any space a beautiful and luxurious look. At RD Fast Construction, we have a qualified team that specializes in marble installation.

Here are the different marble tiles available in the market:

  • Calcutta Marble
  • Talathello Marble
  • Carrara Marble
  • White Marble
  • Cream Marble
  • Red Marble
  • Yellow Marble
  • Brown Marble

Although marble installation requires inch-perfect accuracy, that’s a cup of tea for our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Ceramic Floor Installation

Some would argue that a ceramic floor installation is a form of artwork. It requires a certain degree of accuracy and preparation. A mistake during installation, e.g. mislaying or uneven spacing, leaves your spacing looking terrible.

When you work with a trusted team like RD Fast construction in Los Angeles, you can rest assured to get a ceramic floor finish that suits your home. So, whether you’d like to transform your kitchen, patio, garage, or entire home, our experts have the capability to deliver it.

Why Choose Us for Your Residential Flooring Installation Needs?

Our top priority is to offer our customers high-quality and appealing floor installations.

Here are a few reasons why you can count on us:

  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • We use tried, tested, and top-rated products.
  • We only employed highly experienced contractors in Los Angeles who strive for excellence.
  • Free Estimates.
  • Our experience has given us an eye on the latest trends, colors and designs, which is instrumental for impressive floor finishes.
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Upgrade Your Home with Our Expert Floor Installation Services

A quality and durable flooring solution translates to a comfortable and beautiful home. As a homeowner, it makes sense to protect your investment by working with a professional floor installation company.

At RD Fast Construction, we’re committed to helping homeowners build excellent floor solutions.

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