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ADU Construction Company Los Angeles

If you own a single-family residential lot but want to enhance its value, constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) may provide extra living space and supplement your source of income.

An ADU is not defined by how it’s built but by its purpose as a secondary housing unit on residential lots. They’re popularly known as backyard cottages, grandma or mother-in-law suites.

Finding a high-quality ADU construction company in Los Angeles comes in handy in ensuring the project runs smoothly.

At RD Fast Construction, we have a team of contractors who are highly experienced in building affordable ADU garage conversions in Los Angeles. Our team is always ready and happy to advise you on executing your ADU construction project.

With that in mind, trust RD Fast Construction for your next ADU garage conversion project in Los Angeles.

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Benefits of ADU Garage Conversions in Los Angeles

Add Value to Your Property

If you’re looking to sell your property in the future, building an ADU will enhance its value and demand in the property market. The investment you need to develop an ADU is relatively small compared to the value you will drive from the addition.

A property buyer may be attracted to a home with a secondary housing unit because of the prospect of generating income from the ADU.


If you love hosting family and friends, and your home doesn’t have enough space, an ADU is a perfect solution. More importantly, it allows your guests to be near you while maintaining privacy. The secondary living unit also provides extra space for guests to be alone—if need be—during their visit.

Perfect Space for Adult Children and College Graduates

A turbulent economy has forced many ‘young millennials’ to return to their parent’s homes after graduation. The skyrocketing rent prices and job instability doesn’t make it easy for young adults to find a home they can afford.

An ADU is an affordable way to help your kids get on their feet on the ground while living under your roof.

Affordable Development

An ADU uses existing infrastructure such as land, water, energy, and structured parking. As a result, your home gets an additional unit at a fraction of the standard cost.

Ultimate Home Office

An ADU can be a perfect home office if your job allows you to work from home. It can also serve as space for your mental health. Whether you want to meditate or practice yoga, ADU is secluded, creating tranquility and peace.

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Construction Process of an ADU

Make Plans

First, we’ll assess your unique needs and wants. Next, our garage conversion contractors will take a closer look at your property and design an ADU plan within your budget and personal taste. For instance, a detached conversion is ideal for generating extra rental income.

When making plans for an ADU, we consider the following;

  • Your budget
  • Available space
  • Timelines for the project
  • Suitability of the ADU to the end user—for instance, a backyard ADU is ideal for an elderly family member.

Acquisition of Permits

We’ll submit the plans in pursuit of approval and permits from the city or state authorities. Submission and approval of permits precede the construction process. As we draft the project timelines, we consider possible delays arising from corrections and adjustments linked with the process.

Site Preparation

We’ll begin the construction phase after getting all the permits we need. Some activities required for site preparation include demolition, clearing, and grading. If need be, we’ll excavate the underground soil before laying the foundation.


Framing involves building walls, roofing, windows, and doors. It also involves setting up joists and exterior detailing.

Setting up ADU Amenities

We’ll set up or install internal amenities like electrical and plumbing connections. We’ll also set up crucial mechanical systems like heating and air conditioning.

Interior Finishing

Once the necessary amenities are set up, we begin interior finishing, which includes insulation, drywall installation, tiling, and installation of light fixtures and kitchen appliances. The last construction phase may consist of adding a driveway, refreshing the landscape, and adding a patio.

Types of Garage Conversions

  • Basement ADU: Basements are heavily underutilized and mainly used as storage or laundry rooms. However, you can remodel it into an accessory dwelling unit. Interestingly, a basement ADU is cooler in summer and offers more privacy than ground-level homes.
  • Detached Conversion: It involves building a separate unit from the primary residential home. A backyard cottage ADU is a perfect example of a detached conversion. Although it requires its own sewer, water, and electrical components, it’s an ideal solution to maintain the privacy of a rental unit.
  • 2nd Floor Conversion: It is typically attached to the primary home, with the most significant consideration being accessibility. It is created like an apartment or townhouse, necessitating a separate entry away from the main living unit.

Why Choose Our ADU Contractors For Your Garage Conversion Remodel

  • Over 10 Years of Experience: Our contractors have deep knowledge and experience in new home construction and renovation, which gives us the confidence to take on ADU construction projects.
  • Free Consultation: Our initial in-person meet-ups and presentations are always free. At RD Fast Construction, we equip our clients with the required information to help them make the right decisions.
  • On-Schedule Completion: When we take on an ADU project, we commit to completing it within set timelines. We use modern tools, techniques, and building technology to complete the project on time.
  • Guaranteed Quality: RD Fast Construction prides itself on a model of quality projects that pass the test of time. Many of our projects have received recognition for quality. We achieve high standards using controls maintained throughout the design and construction process.
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Maximize Your Property’s Potential With an ADU: Get Started Today

RD Fast Construction is a reliable ADU builder in Los Angeles with over 10 years of experience building and remodeling homes. So, whether you’re looking for a detached conversion, attached conversion, or a second-floor conversion, our team is equal to the task.

Our team of experts is committed to building high-quality and beautiful ADU garage conversions for our clients.

Contact us online or call us at 213.842.1229 to get a free estimate.


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