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Post Construction Services in Los Angeles

Just because the building and installation phase is done doesn’t mean the work is complete.

RD Fast Construction offers post-construction servicesin Los Angeles to ensure a successful building handover. Post-construction service is often crucial to a seamless and smooth transition to enjoying your finished project.

We work hard to ensure a strong relationship beyond handover and know that creating long-lasting buildings goes beyond construction. Our team provides expert leadership and support throughout the entire post-construction phase.

With over 10 years of experience and commitment to exceptional service, you can trust RD Fast Construction to deliver high-quality post-construction services that meet your needs.

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Post-Construction Tasks in Los Angeles

Post-construction encompasses much more than simply cleaning a property and getting it ready for move in. Rather, it entails every possible issue in a building’s smooth transition to its intended purpose.

Some of the most important processes involved in post construction are described in detail below.

Detailed Clean-up of the Building

We undertake post-construction clean-up of the building and surrounding area. The objective of the detailed clean-up is to leave the building in a tidy, spotless state for the owners and their clients.

Depending on the site requirements, our cleaning tasks may include but are not limited to:

  • Glass cleaning.
  • Removal of stickers and polishing fixtures.
  • A detailed vacuuming on corners, crevices, edges, and ceiling fixtures.
  • Cleaning plumbing, electrical, water delivery, and mechanical fixtures.
  • Exterior and interior window and window frame cleaning.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting.
  • Caulk and paint removal.
  • Taking care of the hard floor-sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, sealing, and waxing.

Although all building sections require a thorough post-construction clean-up, some require more work. At RD Fast Construction, we take a keen interest in hotspots like restrooms, utility rooms, elevators, conference and meeting rooms, and corridors.

Training & Orientation

At RD Fast Construction, we dedicate significant time to training building owners on its efficient and safe use. As part of post-construction support, we design a training program that equips building managers with skills to maintain it.

More importantly, we give building owners and managers a tour of their new space to help them run the buildings with little to no technical support. We also help building owners develop risk management plans to protect their occupants.

For instance, we remind them of the need to create an evacuation or emergency plan in case of a severe event. In addition, we help them understand the role of access controls in relation to building safety and use.

Inspection and Testing of Building Networks

At RD Fast Construction, we highly value the safety of our clients. Interestingly, handing over a building after inspection and testing avoids transferring the risk of failure to building owners.

That said, we only mark the project complete after inspecting and testing the crucial networks and confirming they’re safe for use.

Here are a few tests we conduct:

  • Electrical Inspection and Testing: The objective of the test is to demonstrate that the electrical system is safely constructed. It also confirms that the designer’s intentions and requirements have been met.After the handover, we encourage building owners to conduct regular testing and inspection as part of the maintenance routine.
  • Plumbing Systems: We inspect the plumbing systems for potential leaks and functionality defects. The inspection also helps us reveal whether the system complies with building codes. Some of the tests we apply include water, air, sewerage, and water piping tests

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

When constructing a commercial building, we strongly consider integrating a 3–12-month post-construction evaluation. The window helps the teams and the owner assess how the building works and identify areas that need improvement.

Post-occupancy should be planned well and made part of the project schedule. Handing over the project with post-evaluation eliminates the chances of learning and making necessary adjustments that can make the users more comfortable.

The 3–12-month walk-through ensures the building operates and performs as needed. During handover, the contractor may present insufficient maintenance and operation training. This can create knowledge gaps and contribute to poor system maintenance and functioning.

At RD Fast Construction, Los Angeles, we use post-occupancy evaluation to identify potential knowledge lapses. Subsequently, we avail supplemental training or manuals to the owner or building staff.

Upon completing the post-occupancy evaluation, the owner understands the building better. It’s also an opportunity to raise any design concerns with the contractor.

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Why You Should Trust Us for Your Post-Construction Needs

RD Fast Construction has a knowledgeable team equipped to offer comprehensive post-construction services in Los Angeles. We give our best to ensure your space is clean, functional, and ready for use.

Here’s why you should consider working with us:

  • Professionalism: We only engage professionals committed to the industry’s ethics and standards. More importantly, we value timely communications to inform the client of the project status.
  • Qualified and Certified: We’re a registered business, and the workforce holds appropriate qualifications and certifications. Among other credentials, most of our contractors hold Project Management Professional (PMP), enhancing their project management skills.
  • Safety: We strive to achieve the utmost safety standards by adhering to health and safety regulations. For instance, we conduct regular site inspections to identify and mitigate risks. We’re also guided by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.
  • Quality Management: Quality management controls eliminate waste and the likelihood of costly failures. At RD Fast Construction, we’re committed to providing our clients with quality post-construction services that meet project standards, specifications, tolerance, and safety.
  • Clean Handover: All clients look forward to the handover ceremony when the space is ready for use. At RD Fast Construction, we remove dust, debris, and disorder to ensure the space sparkles upon completion.
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Commercial buildings hold so much potential; any delay in occupation can lead to losses. Working with a post-construction service expert saves time to prepare your space and enhance its functionality.

At RD Fast Construction, we’ve designed close-out programs, including training that helps you run and maintain your building after the team leaves.

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