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Pre-construction in Los Angeles

You’ve secured the finances and a lot to develop a commercial building in Los Angeles. However, you have a dilemma on how to kickstart the project. Luckily, RD Fast Construction can guide you in the initial stage, including the pre-construction phase.

The pre-construction phase is integral to laying the foundation of a smooth and successful project. Similar to other construction projects, you can expect challenges along the way— for instance, when cost projections exceed the set budget.

Fortunately, the pre-construction stage anticipates such hurdles to keep the project within budget and according to architectural design.

Therefore, trust RD Fast Construction, to implement proper pre-construction plans for your next project in Los Angeles.

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What You Need to Know About Los Angeles Pre-Construction

We kick off pre-construction with a client consultation to get a feel of their vision expectations. After creating a consensus, we proceed with the following pre-construction activities.

  • Setting timelines and project scheduling
  • Acquiring construction materials
  • Site evaluation
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Recruiting workers and subcontractors
  • Conducting feasibility tests
  • Analyzing the budget and costs

We use a systematic way to define the proposed work’s budget, scope, and schedule. In addition, we collaborate with a team of engineers and architects to determine the building’s systems and other infrastructure requirements.

Subsequently, we create a workable plan to build the commercial facility. Most importantly, we listen to our client’s perspectives to create the most desirable outcome.

If the client has requested a renovation of a pre-existing building, we assess the current design and structural integrity before proceeding.

We Leverage on Technology: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) creates a 3D model to see how a project will turn out. It also plays a significant part in the facility’s planning, design, construction, and operational phases.

We simulate a project’s lifecycle using intelligent software to make decisions about structural design, MEP systems, and construction. Through proactive troubleshooting, collaboration speeds up and reduces construction-related problems, saving time and money.

We evaluate every area of the project and provide several solutions for any issues that can arise during project execution.

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Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Pre-construction planning has a direct input on the success of any project. It can speed up, create delays, or increase project costs. More importantly, pre-construction planning prevents unpredictable risks and problems in the project.

Here are a few benefits of pre-construction planning.

Provides Clarity

At the onset of a construction project, it’s important to set clear goals and objectives. You must share your idea with the contractors and other concerned parties early to realize them.

Pre-construction planning services assist in defining the project scope and establishing a suitable time frame to provide clarity and transparency, which improves results.

You can break the project into phases, group your employees into teams, and give each group specific duties to finish it on schedule.

Helps Manage the Cost of the Project

Proper project management involves bringing down the associated cost. Before the project starts, we align it to ensure it utilizes minimum cost and is within the client’s budget. With that in mind, we undertake cost-benefit analysis, estimation, and project coordination to manage the project’s cost.

What’s more, pre-planning helps identify suitable materials and supplies. Once the construction manager identifies the required materials, they can buy in bulk or negotiate, leading to cost savings.

Minimize Errors

A thorough and well-designed pre-construction plan can reduce the likelihood of mistakes and errors during construction.

Pre-construction acts as a road map that flags potential problems and provides comprehensive instructions for the project execution phase. As a result, it significantly lowers the likelihood of mistakes and conserves time and resources.

Project Schedule

A construction team is more productive when working with a defined project schedule. Project timelines and schedules give the work a sense of direction and deadlines.

At RD Fast Construction, we allocate time-bound milestones in the project. Consequently, we can anticipate when the project will be completed. Moreover, the possibility of failing the timelines keeps the various experts on their toes.

Reveals Feasibility of the Project

A project might not be possible despite it having a high grade. According to the project’s scope, the limitations of the site, and other criteria, a feasibility study is required.

Through the pre construction stage, you can assess your project’s viability. Find out what possibilities are accessible by looking at a good project concept from numerous angles.

Visualizing the End Game

The project scope involves assessing the feasibility as defined during the pre-construction phase. At RD Fast Construction, we use the pre-construction stage to evaluate whether our capacity, budget, and team are ready to deliver.

Later, we compare notes with our team and give a verdict on delivery and outcome. We can, therefore, confidently face our clients with a well-defined promise on the delivery.

Why You Should Consider RD Fast Pre-Construction Services

Primarily, pre-construction offers contractors and building owners an opportunity to evaluate the proposed project. It also helps create a plan to be used during the project. That said, consider working with a competent and qualified pre-construction service provider to enhance the project’s success.

Here’s why you should consider working with us:

  • We’re attentive to detail: We treat our client’s work with the utmost respect. As such, we follow the necessary procedures to ensure it meets project specifications and designs.
  • We manage construction risks: Finding a reputable construction company is a game of odds. Luckily, partnering with RD Fast Construction company takes away the risk. We apply safety and contingent measures for the timely delivery of the project.
  • Responsiveness and communication: When you choose to do RD Fast Construction, you don’t have to worry whether you’ll receive project updates. Our clients love us for our responsiveness and timely updates.
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Try Our Los Angeles Pre-Construction Services

RD Fast Construction, provides dependable pre-construction planning services in Los Angeles. So, whether you’re looking to build an office block, warehouse, or restaurant, our experts are ready to help.

Our vast experience makes us confident to take on projects and deliver a building that meets your needs.

Contact us online or call us at 213.842.1229 to schedule a free consultation.


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